A Book that Celebrates our Beautiful Biodiversity

Brimming with wildlife and the wonders of nature these three books will delight all who receive them.

Books to Change How You Think

The following books will teach you how to listen to your thoughts, and challenge stagnant beliefs or biases—changing how you think!

Women Mentors: Their Value to Nature

Women leaders are vital to expanding diversity in roles of power—liberating cultural and individual perspectives which value female voices. Women mentors are especially important to encouraging strong voices in conservation, because they teach skills that build confidence and encourage women to embrace their value in shaping our world.

Science and the City: The Mechanics Behind the Metropolis

The modern world is a fascinating study in innovation and unseen mechanics—millions of micro processes underpinning the structure and function of a city go largely un-noticed by many of us.

Kickstart the Year Reconnecting to Our Planet!

Very excited to announce that our friends @thebigcatpeople have launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce a stunning wildlife photography book for conservation, called ‘Sacred Nature Volume 2: Reconnecting People to Our Planet.’ The book presents an array of thought-provoking words and evocative images from around the world, celebrating the wonders of our Planet through Jonathan & Angela’s beautiful photography.

Remembering Cheetahs

Remembering Cheetahs provides a breathtaking view of the iconic and graceful big cat. The book encompasses a rich collection of insights and vivid imagery from over 70 of the world's top wildlife photographers including Greg du Toit, Marsel van Oosten, Frans Lanting, Art Wolfe and Jonathan & Angela Scott, with an aim to raise awareness of the plight facing cheetahs and also to raise funds to protect them.

Wild and Precious

Sarah Wilson's new book, 'This One Wild and Precious Life' is an unpretencious and invigorating expose on human-driven climate change and a valuable resevoir for those seeking to reclaim lost connections with nature.

Drawing Inspiration from Dogs

Artist and author, Shaun Tan, paints a vivid portrait of the bond between humans and dogs. A reflection os Tan’s delphic imagination, his latest book, Dog (published by Allen & Unwin, November 2020) is an evocative ode to the unspoken kinship of all living creatures with powerful sentiment for the solace such friendship brings. From pencil to page, Shaun Tan shares the muses which moved him to create during months of lockdown. Tan teaches us it is the little observations in life which bring a story to life!

The Visual Language of Fairy-tales

Kate Forsyth explores the visual language of fairy-tales from art to architecture—storytelling is a medium for innovation and imagination.

Active Longevity: The Role of Cellular Nutrition

Exploring the role of genetics and gut flora in active longevity represents a new frontier in health 'cellular nutrition'. Scientists are discovering the interdependent relationship of our inner ecosystem with nature to understand the underlying catalysts of disease—and age-related decline—placing fresh emphasis on conservation as a component of our health and survival. Diving into this topic with a pioneer in plant-based nutrition, BEJournal interviewed Udo Erasmus (founder of to discuss active longevity and ocean conservation, 'nature-nutrient correlations', lessons on human nature from Tony Robbins, and a SEXY book creating global health for people and the planet.

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