How Embracing Different Perspectives Can Make us Better Creatives and Conservationists

Cultivating a mindset to embrace the world as an explorer is a valuable skill for storytellers. Travel Your Way by Nathan James Thomas, reveals how different perspectives can deepen an experience, spark creativity, empathy, and insight—through which we can dissolve prejudice—reinforcing communication and contribution.


Capturing the Beauty of Birds

Want to learn how to capture both the beauty and details of the birds you photograph? Nature photographer Michael Schmid shares his tips on photographing Australian birds with BEJournal.

How to Photograph Honey Possums

The Honey Possum is the world’s only truly nectivorous (nectar-eating) marsupial weighing just 7-10 grams. Nimble and elusive, photographing this little critter can be tricky—so we asked naturalist Jimmy Lamb to tell us how he did it.

Exploring Big Picture Science

Discovering curious connections between science and technology with Molly Bentley, co-host and producer of Big Picture Science.

Ode to Trees: A Letter for Aspiring Arbonauts

Meg Lowman (@canopymeg) and her family enjoy nothing more than deciphering the wisdom of forests—seeking out skyhigh clues in the canopy. Her new book “The Arbonaut: a life discovering the eighth continent in the trees above us,” invites readers to explore the fascinating science (dendrology), character, and charm of these ancient organisms.

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