ASICS Gel Nimbus 25 Equalibrium Underfoot

To understand how a leading footwear brand re-creates a classic, we asked Asics to share their design process for the new Nimbus.


How to Photograph Lions with Beverly Joubert

National Geographic legend, Beverly Joubert shares her secrets for photographing lions, reading their behaviour and adapting your technique to capture not only a unique image but one that tells a story as well.

Children See Magic

Katrina Parry creates visual stories depicting the world before her interwoven with a little magic—often based on a children's tale or imagination. Parry shares her process of discovery and storytelling in this guest tutorial on capturing the magic children see.

Capturing the Beauty of Birds

Want to learn how to capture both the beauty and details of the birds you photograph? Nature photographer Michael Schmid shares his tips on photographing Australian birds with BEJournal.

How to Photograph Honey Possums

The Honey Possum is the world’s only truly nectivorous (nectar-eating) marsupial weighing just 7-10 grams. Nimble and elusive, photographing this little critter can be tricky—so we asked naturalist Jimmy Lamb to tell us how he did it.

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