Capturing Sounds of Nature

Earth Endeavours invited Kai Lange, Senior Product Manager at Sennheiser, to reflect on the potential of mobile microphones as an accurate and versatile tool to capture the sounds of nature. Exploring both creative and conservation use of their MKH microphones in challenging outdoor environments.


A Novel Approach to Conservation

The richest stories reflect the heart of humanity and the wisdom of nature. Author Irma Gold's debut novel The Breaking is a vessel for both. The effervescent story keeps a thrilling pace and captures the indomitable spirit of a woman unearthing the dark side of elephant tourism in Thailand.

Florian Schulz: Wildlife Photography Tips

Nature and wildlife photographer Florian Schulz joins Marc Silber, exploring his creative process and techniques to advance your photography skills.

Protecting Pets from Poison

Hundreds of thousands of pets are poisoned every year. Unfortunately, when their owners take them to the vet, they don't know that what their pet ingested was bad for them.

Paul Nicklen’s Sea Legacy

Paul Nicklen has dedicated his life to being an advocate for the Earth’s threatened polar regions. Paul uses the Sea Legacy Foundation to bring awareness to the species and ecosystems currently in peril because of climate change through immersive, visual storytelling.

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