A Book that Celebrates our Beautiful Biodiversity

Brimming with wildlife and the wonders of nature these three books will delight all who receive them.

Books to Change How You Think

The following books will teach you how to listen to your thoughts, and challenge stagnant beliefs or biases—changing how you think!

Women Mentors: Their Value to Nature

Women leaders are vital to expanding diversity in roles of power—liberating cultural and individual perspectives which value female voices. Women mentors are especially important to encouraging strong voices in conservation, because they teach skills that build confidence and encourage women to embrace their value in shaping our world.

Science and the City: The Mechanics Behind the Metropolis

The modern world is a fascinating study in innovation and unseen mechanics—millions of micro processes underpinning the structure and function of a city go largely un-noticed by many of us.

Celebrating Plantfoods of the Sea

'Superfood Seagreens' by Barton Seaver, reveals the history and health properties of ancient sea plants, identifying their virtue as a sustainable seafood, and demystifies the preparation and cooking process of this fascinatingly versatile ingredient.

MM- Freedom to Think

An empty mind is free to think and receptive to inspiration. So, how can you clear conscious chatter? By outsourcing your brain of course!

For the Love of the Country

For the Love of the Country: Celebrating Farming in New Zealand by Alan Gibson (Exisle Publishing, 2022), treats readers to a rich account full of characters and verdant landscapes.

Cultural Perspectives on Anxiety

Dr. Serge Beddington-Behrens presents 7 simple strategies for addressing fears and anxiety.

How Embracing Different Perspectives Can Make us Better Creatives and Conservationists

Cultivating a mindset to embrace the world as an explorer is a valuable skill for storytellers. Travel Your Way by Nathan James Thomas, reveals how different perspectives can deepen an experience, spark creativity, empathy, and insight—through which we can dissolve prejudice—reinforcing communication and contribution.

How to Talk to Kids About Veganism

Acknowledging Veganuary, a month-long campaign to motivate a wider acceptance for plant-based alternatives, with an article on ‘how to talk to kids about veganism’ by Edric Kennedy-Macfoy, extracted from his book, The Fit Vegan (published by Hay House).

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