Movement the Secret Ingredient to Creativity

While the mechanisms underlying this relationship are still unclear, it seems that movement can have a direct impact on creativity.

Science and the City: The Mechanics Behind the Metropolis

The modern world is a fascinating study in innovation and unseen mechanics—millions of micro processes underpinning the structure and function of a city go largely un-noticed by many of us.

Exciting Careers for Women and Girls in Science

Creating equality in career opportunities requires recognizing an individuals...

Exploring Big Picture Science

Discovering curious connections between science and technology with Molly Bentley, co-host and producer of Big Picture Science.

How We Hear the World

In a new article by Dr. Catherine Ball for BEJournal, we explore how technology and systems-led thinking is changing the perception of our senses.

Ode to Trees: A Letter for Aspiring Arbonauts

Meg Lowman (@canopymeg) and her family enjoy nothing more than deciphering the wisdom of forests—seeking out skyhigh clues in the canopy. Her new book “The Arbonaut: a life discovering the eighth continent in the trees above us,” invites readers to explore the fascinating science (dendrology), character, and charm of these ancient organisms.

Photo-identification and Citizen Science Solves Orca Mystery

Photo-identification and citizen science solves orca mystery. Distinctive coloration of the saddle patch area allowed scientists to match killer whales spotted in Norway earlier this month, with individuals sighted three-years ago off the coast of Scotland.

Motivating Girls to Explore STEM Careers

Could art help motivate girls into STEM Careers? Michelle Hortle explores the importance of teaching girls agency and providing them with an opportunity to be creative.

Unearthing the Science of Soil

In this article: Dr. Elaine Ingham, unearths potent concepts in soil science, driving a biological approach to agriculture which revitalizes microorganisms to create a robust Soil Food Web.

AI Driven by a Pandemic

Once a forecast of innovation, Chatbots, Automation, and Machine Learning are fast becoming a reality in our lives. This special report by futurist, Tony Eades examines brand strategies for leveraging the frontiers of AI.

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