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How Embracing Different Perspectives Can Make us Better Creatives and Conservationists

Cultivating a mindset to embrace the world as an explorer is a valuable skill for storytellers. Travel Your Way by Nathan James Thomas, reveals how different perspectives can deepen an experience, spark creativity, empathy, and insight—through which we can dissolve prejudice—reinforcing communication and contribution.

Courage Under Fire

From a distance many of us have watched bewildered, by the unconscionable war against the Ukraine. From this inhumane act has risen the indomitable spirit and solidarity of the people—a humanity that persists defiant of dominance. Kim Cullen explores the spirit of the Ukrainian people, providing insight into the cultivation of courage under fire.

A Garden Inspired by Beavers

Urquhart & Hunt’s Rewilding Britain garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show reveals the key role that beavers play as ecosystem engineers.

Children See Magic

Katrina Parry creates visual stories depicting the world before her interwoven with a little magic—often based on a children's tale or imagination. Parry shares her process of discovery and storytelling in this guest tutorial on capturing the magic children see.

How to Talk to Kids About Veganism

Acknowledging Veganuary, a month-long campaign to motivate a wider acceptance for plant-based alternatives, with an article on ‘how to talk to kids about veganism’ by Edric Kennedy-Macfoy, extracted from his book, The Fit Vegan (published by Hay House).

Capturing the Beauty of Birds

Want to learn how to capture both the beauty and details of the birds you photograph? Nature photographer Michael Schmid shares his tips on photographing Australian birds with BEJournal.

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