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Designing for Dementia

Worldwide, around 50 million people have dementia, and there are nearly 10 million fresh cases every year. In Australia, close to half a million people are living with dementia and they estimate this number to double in the next 25 years. With over 50 percent of residents in Australian residential aged care facilities having dementia, increasing attention is being given to the design of the residential facilities needed in coming years.

A Biblical Remedy for Biotoxin Illness

Spores in the environment propagating inside your home can cause mental or physical symptoms like headaches, brain fog, breathing issues, or allergies. Our first thought maybe to associate the symptoms with covid virus, but biotoxin illness can also cause any of these conditions. In this article Architectural Scientist, Tim Law, examines the conditions of built ecosystems that support spore growth, and shares one mans unconventional approach to managing mould and reducing his exposure to biotoxins.

AI Driven by a Pandemic

Once a forecast of innovation, Chatbots, Automation, and Machine Learning are fast becoming a reality in our lives. This special report by futurist, Tony Eades examines brand strategies for leveraging the frontiers of AI.

The Visual Language of Fairy-tales

Kate Forsyth explores the visual language of fairy-tales from art to architecture—storytelling is a medium for innovation and imagination.

MM- Sharpening Your Mind Naturally

@earthendeavours invites readers to take on a different challenge each month, to benefit their wellbeing and the health of the planet. Our challenge this month utilizes brain boosting nutrition and skill-based activities to sharpen the mind naturally.

Active Longevity: The Role of Cellular Nutrition

Exploring the role of genetics and gut flora in active longevity represents a new frontier in health 'cellular nutrition'. Scientists are discovering the interdependent relationship of our inner ecosystem with nature to understand the underlying catalysts of disease—and age-related decline—placing fresh emphasis on conservation as a component of our health and survival. Diving into this topic with a pioneer in plant-based nutrition, BEJournal interviewed Udo Erasmus (founder of to discuss active longevity and ocean conservation, 'nature-nutrient correlations', lessons on human nature from Tony Robbins, and a SEXY book creating global health for people and the planet.

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