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An Ethical Manifesto for Bird Photography

The advantages of ethical photography go beyond the benefits to nature. Moments which unfold organically can render something truly magical, such as the images by Tim Hopwood. Read Tim’s tips and advice on the ethics of photography and how to apply them in the field.

Surprising Sources of Immune Support

The Australian brand IMUNI have created a specialized formula designed to support immune health. To understand the science behind their best seller, we asked IMUNI to describe the surprising plant sources and synergistic benefits of this unique supplement.

Canon EOS R6 Shooting Between the Lines

EOS R6 is an exceptionally capable and versatile camera, bridging the gap between entry-level and professional Full-frame Mirrorless. We review it's performance in wildlife/action photography and filmmaking.

Cultural Perspectives on Anxiety

Dr. Serge Beddington-Behrens presents 7 simple strategies for addressing fears and anxiety.

How to Photograph Lions with Beverly Joubert

National Geographic legend, Beverly Joubert shares her secrets for photographing lions, reading their behaviour and adapting your technique to capture not only a unique image but one that tells a story as well.

How Embracing Different Perspectives Can Make us Better Creatives and Conservationists

Cultivating a mindset to embrace the world as an explorer is a valuable skill for storytellers. Travel Your Way by Nathan James Thomas, reveals how different perspectives can deepen an experience, spark creativity, empathy, and insight—through which we can dissolve prejudice—reinforcing communication and contribution.

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