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Paul Nicklen’s Sea Legacy

Paul Nicklen has dedicated his life to being an advocate for the Earth’s threatened polar regions. Paul uses the Sea Legacy Foundation to bring awareness to the species and ecosystems currently in peril because of climate change through immersive, visual storytelling.

Notes of a Young Naturalist

Young minds have much to contribute to the natural world. Instinctively curious and keen to learn, their enthusiasm for exploring, acumen for research and creative media (including photography, filmmaking, and podcasting) portends the future of conservation. As citizen scientists and aspiring naturalists, youth are making their mark as stewards of the wild.

A Little Nature Between Calls

Working remotely has changed how we live, inspiring the transformation of small spaces into personal sanctuaries or studios to create, potter, and escape.

WPY People’s Choice 2020

The public are invited to have their say in the Natural History Museum’s prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition by voting for the winner of the People’s Choice Award. This year features everything from hare balls and bat women to majestic mandrills.

Saving My Forest: The Enchanted Valley

From professional surfing to saving forests, Catarina Lorenzo embraces every opportunity to connect with and conserve nature. Catarina is not only a paragon for young women leading nature advocacy, but she is also an example of how valuable local communities and indigenous voices are to conservation. This is her story...

Silent Night: The Heavenly Peace of Sleep

The popular German Christmas carol Silent Night (Stille Nacht) by Franz Xaver Gruber reveres the heavenly peace of sleep. Yet, so many of us find the season stressful, or depending on where you live, too hot and hectic to nod off. Sleep rejuvenates and suffuses us with a feeling of calm—it is an essential ingredient for a peaceful and happy new year.

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