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Creating HOPE

The protracted state of the global pandemic has the potential to deplete our natural inclination towards hope, but we don’t have to wait for it to show up—we can seek and create it for ourselves, says wellbeing expert Jaquie Scammell.

Rewilding Abandoned Lands

Restoring the fertility of agricultural land can be challenging but not impossible, says property strategist Steve Chandler, (CEO of LEFTA). He explains how micro-forests can help restore nature’s benficial presence in areas where agriculture or infrastruture have negatively impacted the ecosystem.

Ode to Trees: A Letter for Aspiring Arbonauts

Meg Lowman (@canopymeg) and her family enjoy nothing more than deciphering the wisdom of forests—seeking out skyhigh clues in the canopy. Her new book “The Arbonaut: a life discovering the eighth continent in the trees above us,” invites readers to explore the fascinating science (dendrology), character, and charm of these ancient organisms.

Photo-identification and Citizen Science Solves Orca Mystery

Photo-identification and citizen science solves orca mystery. Distinctive coloration of the saddle patch area allowed scientists to match killer whales spotted in Norway earlier this month, with individuals sighted three-years ago off the coast of Scotland.

Interactive Stories: Creating Space for Confronting Issues

'The Atlantic Coast Pipeline Virtual Exhibit', launched earlier this year, displays the images from an iLCP Expedition led by Karen Kasmauski. Creating a visual-storytelling platform that enables people to explore and interact with an important topic from the safety of their homes.

Motivating Girls to Explore STEM Careers

Could art help motivate girls into STEM Careers? Michelle Hortle explores the importance of teaching girls agency and providing them with an opportunity to be creative.

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