Monthly Mission

MM- Surf Entrepreneur’s Plastic Crusade

Surfer and entrepreneur, Doug Lober has found a way to get people to tackle plastic waste and 'Go Reusable'.

MM- Dinner Impossible

Take on Chef Robert Irvine's Dinner Impossible Challenge and put your culinary skills to the test!

MM- Artistic Fulfillment

Seeking Artistic Fulfillment? Try these strategies to enrich your creative journey.

MM- Tribute to a Tech Legend

The creative challenge this month pays tribute to tech legend, Steve Jobs. Use his words to embrace change and ignite your quest for innovation.

MM- Freedom to Think

An empty mind is free to think and receptive to inspiration. So, how can you clear conscious chatter? By outsourcing your brain of course!

MM- What the Wolf Taught Me

Photography is a great way to rediscover the biodiversity in your own backyard or local neighbourhood—you might be surprised by the wilderness you can find close to home.

MM- Sharpening Your Mind Naturally

Take on a different challenge each month benefiting your wellbeing and the health of the planet. Our challenge this month utilizes brain boosting nutrition and skill-based activities to sharpen the mind naturally.

MM- Winter Nature

Transform your aversion to cold weather with a new perspective on the rewards that await outdoors during this time of year.

MM- Moment Meditate

This month the mission is to combat stress and achieve true happiness by finding magic in everyday moments.

MM- Sense and the City

Awaken your sense of perception to the wildlife of the urban ecosystem.

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