In our biggest issue ever (200 pages of pure storytelling), we explore natures deep roots and the amazing relationships sustaining life in our forests.

The Miracle that is a Tree

Attempting to acknowledge all that makes trees amazing is impossible—humans often forget this—as trees are fairly ubiquitous, at least for now that is! But with the help of some tree-loving stewards and ambassadors, we reveal hidden secrets which make trees more than just a feature on the landscape; a structure to climb; a limb to swing from; a material to build with; or fuel our cars and heat our homes with… along with bacteria, trees are the original organisms, effecting and connecting all life on earth.

(Photo credit: National Geographic Channels/Lalo de Almeida)

To Boldly Go Where No Woman Has Gone Before!

AND continuing our series on Women Innovators we profile inspirations of science: Dava Newman (astronautical engineer), Catherine Ball (entrepreneur-technologist), Mona Chalabi (artist-statistician), Louise Blight (naturalist-explorer), Reneé Hetherington (climate scientist), and Gloria Dickie (environmental journalist).

Professor Dava Newman, MIT: Inventor, Science and Engineering Guillermo Trotti, A.I.A., Trotti Studio: Design. Dainese: Fabrication.

With deepest gratitude

To all of our contributors, supporting our mission to create a vital and engaging resource that brings nature to life and empowers people with fresh insight and perspective on the world. Every view and voice matters, because we all see things differently and it is this diversity of experience that inspires: exploration, innovation, and discovery!

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