MM- Winter Nature

Transform your aversion to cold weather with a new perspective on the rewards that await outdoors during this time of year.

MM- Moment Meditate

This month the mission is to combat stress and achieve true happiness by finding magic in everyday moments.

MM- Sense and the City

Awaken your sense of perception to the wildlife of the urban ecosystem.

Writing About Nature

BEJournal proudly presents a short workshop on writing about nature with award-winning children's author Michelle Worthington.

A Visuals Guide to the Pandemic: Adapting your Mindset to your Modality!

In the first article of our #CovidCreative series, BEJournal invited emotional intelligence and human behaviour expert, Amy Jacobson, to explore how visual learners can adapt their mindset to better deal with this outbreak.

Bringing Nature to a World in Self-Isolation

For everyone in self-isolation because of the COVID-19 outbreak, BEJournal would like to offer a little nature for you to explore in the form of a free magazine.