The Night Frogs by M.J. Gibbs

The Night Frogs by M.J. Gibbs shines a spotlight on amphibian conservation. Written in tribute to the Amphibian Survival Alliance, this tiny tale shares a grand message—inspiring children to explore and protect nature's little creatures.

Painted Dog Supermom

Also known as the painted wolf, African Wild Dog and Cape Hunting Dog, the African Painted Dog is the most endangered large carnivore in Africa, Red-Listed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Explore Painted Dog Conservation to learn about threats to the dogs, their incredible social systems and pack life, and how different they are from any other dog on the planet (three to five million years of evolution separates them from the other canids like wolves and domestic dogs).


Klara Harden is a documentary filmmaker from Austria, interested in the human connection with nature in all its facets. Made in Iceland is a video diary of Harden's solo trek in the middle of the Land of Ice and Fire.

Florian Schulz: Wildlife Photography Tips

Nature and wildlife photographer Florian Schulz joins Marc Silber, exploring his creative process and techniques to advance your photography skills.

Protecting Pets from Poison

Hundreds of thousands of pets are poisoned every year. Unfortunately, when their owners take them to the vet, they don't know that what their pet ingested was bad for them.

Paul Nicklen’s Sea Legacy

Paul Nicklen has dedicated his life to being an advocate for the Earth’s threatened polar regions. Paul uses the Sea Legacy Foundation to bring awareness to the species and ecosystems currently in peril because of climate change through immersive, visual storytelling.

Love Calls of the WILD

The Center for Biological Diversity offers 25 specially selected cell phone ringtones that include mating and other social calls along with hoots, chirps, growls and trills from animals across the planet.

An Animation for Amphibian Activists

Frogs (and amphibians in general) are in danger—worldwide, nearly one-third of the world's amphibian species are on the verge of extinction. And yet, frogs contribute to our well-being in many important ways. In this educational animation, Dr. Kerry M. Kriger describes why frogs are in trouble and how you can help save them.

Ross Collins Wild Ideas

There’s A Bear On My Chair creator Ross Collins has a video message for storytellers on sourcing wild ideas!

Writing For Nature

BEJournal proudly presents a short workshop on writing about nature with award-winning children's author Michelle Worthington.

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