MM- Surf Entrepreneur’s Plastic Crusade

Surfer and entrepreneur, Doug Lober has found a way to get people to tackle plastic waste and 'Go Reusable'.

Science and the City: The Mechanics Behind the Metropolis

The modern world is a fascinating study in innovation and unseen mechanics—millions of micro processes underpinning the structure and function of a city go largely un-noticed by many of us.

Celebrating Plantfoods of the Sea

'Superfood Seagreens' by Barton Seaver, reveals the history and health properties of ancient sea plants, identifying their virtue as a sustainable seafood, and demystifies the preparation and cooking process of this fascinatingly versatile ingredient.

How to Talk to Kids About Veganism

Acknowledging Veganuary, a month-long campaign to motivate a wider acceptance for plant-based alternatives, with an article on ‘how to talk to kids about veganism’ by Edric Kennedy-Macfoy, extracted from his book, The Fit Vegan (published by Hay House).

Eating for Health and Nature

BEJournal explores nature-based nurtrition with Ellyn Bicknell and Sara Forbes, co-authors of a recent study on the environmental impacts of food consumption in Australia and New Zealand.

Engineering Soltuions to Medical Waste

Special Report: Engineering solutions to medical waste with the potential to prevent and repurpose pandemic pollution.

Rewilding Abandoned Lands

Restoring the fertility of agricultural land can be challenging but not impossible, says property strategist Steve Chandler, (CEO of LEFTA). He explains how micro-forests can help restore nature’s benficial presence in areas where agriculture or infrastruture have negatively impacted the ecosystem.

Protecting The World’s Most Precious Resource

In this article author and teacher of the Alexander Technique, Richard Brennan shares techniques for improving posture and natural breathing rhythms to ease common lifestyle and habitual respiratory problems.

Spend Earth Day Eavesdropping on the Birds!

Want to know how a conservation filmmaker celebrates Earth Day? Join Nina Constable and her #plantpotparabolic as we spend Earth Day eavesdropping on the birds…

A Chance to Grow!

Permaculture enthusists revive natural practices for sustainable agriculture, inspiring small-scale farms in urban landscapes.

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