For the Love of the Country

For the Love of the Country: Celebrating Farming in New Zealand by Alan Gibson (Exisle Publishing, 2022), treats readers to a rich account full of characters and verdant landscapes.

How to Photograph Lions with Beverly Joubert

National Geographic legend, Beverly Joubert shares her secrets for photographing lions, reading their behaviour and adapting your technique to capture not only a unique image but one that tells a story as well.

Exploring Big Picture Science

Discovering curious connections between science and technology with Molly Bentley, co-host and producer of Big Picture Science.

Interactive Stories: Creating Space for Confronting Issues

'The Atlantic Coast Pipeline Virtual Exhibit', launched earlier this year, displays the images from an iLCP Expedition led by Karen Kasmauski. Creating a visual-storytelling platform that enables people to explore and interact with an important topic from the safety of their homes.

Capturing Sounds of Nature

Earth Endeavours invited Kai Lange, Senior Product Manager at Sennheiser, to reflect on the potential of mobile microphones as an accurate and versatile tool to capture the sounds of nature. Exploring both creative and conservation use of their MKH microphones in challenging outdoor environments.

A Novel Approach to Conservation

The richest stories reflect the heart of humanity and the wisdom of nature. Author Irma Gold's debut novel The Breaking is a vessel for both. The effervescent story keeps a thrilling pace and captures the indomitable spirit of a woman unearthing the dark side of elephant tourism in Thailand.

Florian Schulz: Wildlife Photography Tips

Nature and wildlife photographer Florian Schulz joins Marc Silber, exploring his creative process and techniques to advance your photography skills.

Writing for Photographers

If you intend on selling a photo story to an editor, words will often play a vital role. Some have adjusted to the dynamics of photojournalism by collaborating with writers, while others are discovering how writing can enhance their own creative process, from observation to expression.

Flight of the Dragonfly: Exploring Little Worlds with Macrophotographer Ghislain Simard

Photographing butterflies from as early as ten years old, Ghislain Simard is now known as an expert of high-speed photography, especially when it comes to capturing insects in flight. Shifting his focus to dragonflies, he designed his own high-speed tools in order to freeze these agile fliers in motion. Using Hasselblad lenses combined with a home-made laser system to trigger the flash, Ghislain created elegant, painting-like images of dragonflies frozen in time.

Adventure and Adversity

Adventure inspires us to overcome adversity—but sometimes, adversity inspires us...

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