MM- Freedom to Think

An empty mind is free to think and receptive to inspiration. So, how can you clear conscious chatter? By outsourcing your brain of course!

How We Hear the World

In a new article by Dr. Catherine Ball for BEJournal, we explore how technology and systems-led thinking is changing the perception of our senses.

Capturing Sounds of Nature

Earth Endeavours invited Kai Lange, Senior Product Manager at Sennheiser, to reflect on the potential of mobile microphones as an accurate and versatile tool to capture the sounds of nature. Exploring both creative and conservation use of their MKH microphones in challenging outdoor environments.

A Little Nature Between Calls

Working remotely has changed how we live, inspiring the transformation of small spaces into personal sanctuaries or studios to create, potter, and escape.

A Remote Operation to Catch Ghosts

When your oceans are full of ghosts, who you gonna call? Deep Trekker and their underwater ROVs, of course! Ghost fishing refers to the retrieval of discarded fishing gear, a copious detritus littering our oceans and killing its marine life. Remotely operated submersibles are aiding the location and retrieval of ghost gear with exceptional results.

Creative Collaborations for Nature: Whales, Drones and the Future of Marine Mammal Research

Marine biologist Dr. Vanessa Pirotta uses drones to collect whale snot for research into bacteria effecting ocean health.

A Great Mirrorless for Mastering Photography

Planning to sneak a few extra days over Easter? Most...

App Helps You Identify Birds By Their Song BirdGenie™ is a breakthrough app that helps anyone with an...

Remote Possibility: Drones and the Environment

Building on our list of the 40 Drone Business Ideas...

Sky’s the Limit: The Economic Value of Drones

Crafting a new career and creating your own job has...

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