On the hit TV series Dinner Impossible, Robert is challenged to overcome culinary obstacles and deliver a delicious meal before his time runs out. Armed with chefs skills and a military mind this creative cook devours dish dilemmas with ease. Robert proves there is always a way to make dinner possible and this month we want to challenge you to utilize his creative cooking tactics to your advantage.

Mission: Turn cooking into an adventure and discover a new passion and excitement for food.

The Brief: Choose a different challenge each night that tests both skill and creativity to broaden your knowledge of food and put the excitement back  into eating!

Resources: To follow are a few ideas to get you started and from there you can choose more elaborate and adventurous challenges from Robert’s hit TV series Dinner Impossible.

Cooking Without Challenge: Forego the utensils and conventional cooking appliances as you figure out a way to make dinner possible without modern technology. Try googling tribal cooking methods or hit the library and scan the cultural section for some ideas.

Dinner Deadline Challenge: Professional Chef’s in a 5 Star restaurant must find a way to plate up on time or hungry patrons will be demanding their money back. Now is your chance to see if you can maintain skill and speed to serve dinner on time. For a truly ambitious cook a countdown of 20 minutes will offer the ultimate challenge!

Come Dine with Me Challenge: Hosting a dinner party requires a cook to be skilled in menu design, presentation, taste and timing. Are you ready to have your food judged?

Taste Tradition Challenge: Whether you choose a recipe from Grandmas Cookbook or lookup a heritage dish from another culture the challenge is to embrace new flavors, learn different techniques and discover a new taste for tradition.

Chef Robert Irvine has shown hundreds of entrepreneurs how to accomplish more than they ever thought possible. As the man behind Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible, Irvine’s advice has helped more than 200 failing restaurant owners steer away from imminent ruin and onto the path of sustainable success. 

Irvine’s timeless strategies aren’t limited to the restaurant industry. Just look at any of his own thriving businesses, which range from frozen foods to liquor, from protein bars to a traveling live show to a namesake foundation that gives back to America’s veterans and first responders. As Irvine says, “I made my name as a chef, but my ultimate legacy will be as an entrepreneur.”

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, restaurateur, or any shade of businessperson in-between, Overcoming Impossible will launch you on a journey from “aspiring” to “thriving.”

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