At the beginning of each year, our natural inkling is for change and renewal—though a vital part of this process is often overlooked. How we think and the story we tell ourselves about who we are. This personal narrative builds a mental picture based on our values and identity which is what ultimately leads to lasting change.

The following books will teach you how to listen to your thoughts, and challenge stagnant beliefs or biases—changing how you think!

Brianna Weist writes with profound insight on how to create a personal narrative that serves you. Her books read like the diary of an evovling mind, with wisdoms and musings touching on all aspects of life. Weist’s canon delves into topics through essays and distilled prompts to consider and expand our perspective. The Pivot Year for example, offers a daily thought exercise to reinforce change through small and consistent actions.

If you want to change your life by reframing how you think, I highly recommend Brianna’s Growth Bundle which includes: 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You ThinkA Catalog of ThoughtsThe Mountain Is YouThe Pivot Year.

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In the pages of this next title, arise sage advise from great adversity and achievement. Arnold Schwarzenegger has embodied many roles throughout his life, from brick layer to bodybuilder, actor to activist, and govenor to guru. In his book Be Useful, the Schnitzel (as he is known by members of Arnold’s Pump Club), shares the philosophies which have guided his actions accross all arenas. The founding lessons equate to seven core principles which provide timeless and actionable tools that are accessible and universal.

Take on the new year with Arnold’s Seven Tools for Life!

Understanding the brain’s role in behaviour change, gives you an advantage over the goals you set and the life you lead. Scaricity Brain investigates the origins of evolution and thought patterns which limit our potential to change. Michael Easter takes readers on a fascinating exploration of instinctual mindsets, revealing clues from our ancestry and serving up solutions that counter our resistance to change. Easter also publishes a regular newsletter expanding on the science presented in his book.

Rewire your Scaricity Brain and reinforce the habits of change.

Insights into neuroplasticity and the malleability of the mind, has unlocked methods for redirecting thoughts which become traits. Be Who You Want argues that contrary to the old adage, not only can a leopard change its spots, it can swap them for stripes. In psychological terms, although our initial personality type is moulded by a combination of genetic influences and early experiences, it is not fixed! It’s malleable, voluntary even. This book tells the story of how our personalities are formed and gives us the tools to shape them in the ways which we desire and which will benefit us most. Drawing on current psychological theories and methods, interviews with leading experts, as well as personal anecdote, Christian Jarrett shows us how to think in ways that make our lives better.

Be Who You Want by changing your thoughts and choosing your personality!

Change involves failure which can derail our efforts, if we place more emphasis on the outcome than the process. Self-confidence based on progress and not perfection (the ideal outcome) lessens the friction we feel chasing our goals. Confidence is the missing-link between intention and action and best of all, it is a skill we can all develop by changing how we think. In the 8 Step Confidence Crash Course, happiness expert Domonique Bertolucci shares mindset strategies to feel good about who you are, and the life you live. Confidence is key to setting goals that align with your values, generating intrinsic motivation to create change!

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