Nature Branding: Engaging Conscious Consumers

It’s no longer novel to align your brand with nature, it’s a marketing mandate. As people become increasingly informed and empowered by their impact as consumers―so must, brands prioritise the environment through innovation and authenticity. We hope this is achieved by creating an ecosystem responsible to nature’s limited resources, and reducing the corrosive effects of pollution on our environment.

Today, it is hardly an overstatement to say: the future of nature depends on how we move forward as a society of consumers. Therefore aligning products with this paradigm will prosper those brands who build trust with an audience aware of their choices.

With so many businesses competiting for space with conscious consumers it is now relevant to ask: how do we remain green in a world of beige branding?

In this guest article by Briody Scholes, Founder of ECOnation, we look at the ethical and transparent engagement models offering a vital clue to the future of nature branding.

Branding as a whole is all about identity, communication, awareness and loyalty.

It’s a critical concept to get right as it forms a significant portion of the overall impression and perception of your brand. Good branding can attract new business and increase brand awareness, and bad branding can drive potential business away.

In the eco space specifically, we have seen huge growth in the past couple of years with the rise of the conscious consumer who seek out brands that reflect their values – ethical, sustainable and mindful. Customers want sustainable products from sustainable companies. This includes everything from labor practices to the environmental impact of their production.

In-turn, descriptors such as “eco-friendly” and “green” have become industry buzzwords, with many brands trying to cater to this growing category of consumer.

As an eco brand, it is important to ensure there is an underlying and consistent “green” or “eco” thread in all that you do, and every communication you present, both internally and to the consumer.

It spans from understanding your brands “why” – why you created your business and what drives you to do what you do. To how you communicate with your target audience and the focus of the content you choose to share encapsulating your eco message, and also by showing that you care as a brand through social enterprise.

Running your eco business or brand is more than merely slapping a label on the bottle and positioning it as an “eco” product. Positioning and selling a great eco product is all about showing that you are invested in the lifestyle that supports your brand, and showcasing the passion and vivre that ultimately lead you to where you are now, and to create your product.

Many of the brands featured on ECOnation “give back” either financially or with their time to organisations that are in line with their brands environmental ethos. This is a great engagement model as it begins to form and reinforce your eco identity as a brand and it allows your buyers to feel that they are giving back to a worthy environmental cause through their purchases.

Also, being transparent with your supply chain as a brand with how and where your products are made or produced gives your consumer the confidence that they are buying from a business that supports and embodies their personal environmental values and needs.

Most importantly the future of engagement is about being “real” – showing who you are behind the brand, being authentic in what you do and sharing your eco journey through social media and all that you do.

The future for eco brands is exciting, as we continue to see growth in the industry, with more and more brands adopting eco-friendly visions, and adapting products to suit the needs of the changing consumer. Amongst the growth, it’s important to remain authentic and true to yourself, your values and your brand.

About the Author: Briody Scholes is a qualified school teacher, wife and mother of 4 outgoing children. Her passion for the environment and for beautiful eco products inspired her new brand agency ECOnation Collective which currently represents and markets 14 eco brands catering to the conscious consumer.

Explore hundreds of eco-concious brands at the Life Instyle exhibit, Melbourne Convention Centre.
Explore hundreds of eco-conscious brands at Life Instyle, held annually at the Royal Exhibiting Building Melbourne Convention Centre. Photo Credit: Samee Lapham

Showcase for Eco Conscious Brands: Life Instyle gives retailers the chance to meet and connect with a curated collection of hundreds of lifestyle and kids brands, providing an inspiration-filled sourcing experience all under one beautiful roof. The next Life Instyle will be taking place at the Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne from 1 – 4 August 2020.