Earth Endeavours is so excited to announce a new partner for our Writing for Nature Story Contest. Concepts (@conceptsapp) is an advanced version of sketching paper, where natural tools meet vector manipulation so ideas can change and grow as you do.

This remarkably protean sketching tool provides an infinite canvas for note takers, visual thinkers, storytellers, and illustrators. The app’s clean, customizable interface, flexible vector lines, and beautiful brushes in Copic colors encourage people to explore, create and share ideas on their iPad Pro, iPad and iPhone. Creators can sketch notes, plans and drawings, bridge their work across apps and workflows, and present and share with others wherever they go.

To support storytellers Writing for Nature, our friends at Concepts created a pangolin guide to sketchboarding a conservation story and are providing each of our winners with a Concepts Pro Pack. This tutorial is designed to be used with the Concepts app, so if you haven’t already…download the free version here.

Special thanks to Erica Christensen the artist behind the Pangolin guide and CEO of Concepts Dave Brittan for contributing the tools and inspiration for storytellers to BE.Creative in support of conservation.

Concepts for Note Taking and Visual Thinking

Concepts’ infinite canvas and fluid pens in Copic colors make note taking, planning, sketch-noting and graphically communicating information easy and satisfying. Explore ideas without boundaries, create mood boards and collages, pick up ideas and reorganize them on the canvas, pre-plan project tools and colors, present live to an audience straight from the iPad, and share excerpts or full notes as PDFs or images directly from the app.

Concepts for Illustrators and Storyboard Artists

Illustrators and storyboard artists can sketch in Concepts with pressure and tilt-sensitive pencils, pen in line work with ink that flows, color with beautifully textured brushes, and create unique brushes of their own. The infinite canvas, movable art boards and unlimited layering help illustrators to create layouts, explore graphic composition and reference inspiration. Everything is editable, allowing artists to focus on creativity and polish. Export flexibly to portfolios, Files, social or Creative Cloud.

Why is Concepts Unique?

  • The infinite canvas allows endless idea exploration.
  • Based on vector paths, means you can edit the biggest picture and the smallest details… a week or even two years later.
  • Every tool is customizable and within easy reach. You don’t have to leave the canvas or your workflow to find that ideal tool, color, or layer.
  • Directly interact with your sketching using powerful editing tools like Nudge and Selection.
  • Everything you sketch can be moved and changed with simple gestures.
  • Created from physical media, each pen, pencil, pastel and paintbrush looks and flows like the real thing.
  • All brushes and strokes are editable on the canvas and with the brush editor.
  • Import plans, PDFs and images to scale and apply measurements using Concepts’ precision tools, shape guides and grids.
  • Redefine the size of your project. Whether you’re drawing large or tiny, your vectors remain crystal clear.
  • Create, sort, and move drawings among projects and sections in the Gallery.
  • Back up single or multiple files via drag and drop to Files, iCloud, Dropbox, etc.
  • Export to JPG, PNG, SVG, DXF, PSD and PDF and continue your work with various laser CNC software, CAD and Creative Cloud. 

Concepts believe you should have the choice. Sketch for free, unlock powerful vector editability with a onetime purchase, or subscribe to support the team at Concepts and create with every brush, object and feature in the pro pack. Best of all, every purchase flows back into the app to help build your ultimate creative tool.

Download Concepts App

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Feature Photo: © Lance van de Vyver (@lancevandevyver). All Rights Reserved.

This striking image of a lion playing with a Temminck’s ground pangolin, featured as a finalist in the 2016 Wildlife Photographer of the Year, held by the Natural History Museum.

Lance had tracked the pride for several hours before they stopped to rest by a waterhole, but their attention was not on drinking. The lions (in South Africa’s Tswalu Kalahari Private Game Reserve) had discovered a Temminck’s ground pangolin. This nocturnal, ant-eating mammal is armour-plated with scales made of fused hair, and it curls up into an almost impregnable ball when threatened. Pangolins usually escape unscathed from big cats (though not from humans, whose exploitation of them for the traditional medicine trade is causing their severe decline). But these lions just wouldn’t give up. ‘They rolled it around like a soccer ball,’ says Lance. ‘Every time they lost interest, the pangolin uncurled and tried to retreat, attracting their attention again.’ Spotting a young lion holding the pangolin ball on a termite mound close to the vehicle, Lance focused in on the lion’s claws and the pangolin’s scratched scales, choosing black and white to help simplify the composition. It was14 hours before the pride finally moved off to hunt. Though the pangolin appeared uninjured, it died shortly after, probably not just from the stress of capture but also from being out in the heat all day.

Learn about Lance and his passion for pangolins at

Purchase Fine Art Prints by Lance, or join him on an African Safari and Photography Workshop.

If you would like to donate to Pangolin conservation, check out the amazing works by Pango and Linn, a little leather brand on a big mission. All proceeds from their hand stitched line range of responsibly made products, are used to support local pangolin conservation projects.

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