Bringing Nature to a World in Self-Isolation

For everyone in self-isolation because of the COVID-19 outbreak, BEJournal would like to offer a little nature for you to explore in the form of a free magazine.

Inside the Issue: Volume 47

Attempting to acknowledge all that makes trees amazing is impossible—humans often forget this—as trees are fairly ubiquitous, at least for now that is! But with the help of some tree-loving stewards and ambassadors, we reveal hidden secrets which make trees more than just a feature on the landscape!

Wild Connections and Diverse Beauty

Our world is full of beauty and it's expression is varied. In this thought we discover unexpected and unique definitions for this intangible quality.

Miniature Garden Wonders and Giant Ice Monsters!

Simon Roy loves exploring his garden for images of timid and tiny things—for him, 'home is where the wild things are!'

Skill of a Storyteller

The tools may change, but the skill of a master...

Looking for Adventure

Discover what it's like to walk with wolves, and to stalk magic in the Last Great Wild Places, plus much more.

African Wildlife Special

Certain places reflect the well-being of our world more obviously...

Fascinations of the Natural World

Last issue we released the first installment of our tribute...

Natural History Tribute: Part One

Creating a species database that utilizes imagery with information to...

Our Year in the Wild

Thank's for sharing our passion to explore the earth in...

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