Connect with Nature
There are many ways to connect with nature some of them quite surprising!
Beneath the waves a world of creatures communicate in ways we have yet to understand, but our insight grows as we begin to explore culture in the ocean.
Space described through science fiction as the final frontier, has a rival of equal worth in the unexplored fathoms of our oceans. Explorers champion the potential of the world below, but by comparison marine science receives far less funding than projects exploring other planets. Perplexing you might think, that our earth warrants second billing to distant and desolate versions—well your’e not alone. A bold crew of photographers, scientists and explorers bound to a blue quest, are determined to shine light on the virtues of deep water discoveries. 
Connect with Nature 2
In a new series showcasing ocean explorations, we begin with a familiar topic: ‘culture’—only people are not the focus. Marine researchers, Hal Whitehead and Luke Rendell are the authors of a new book ‘The Cultural Lives of Whales and Dolphins’ in which they attempt to decipher codes of communication between Cetaceans. Their fascinating insights (pg. 102).
From the blue to the biome, we look at new science connecting human microflora to brain and body health (pg. 14). After the biome we discuss the bees. These miniature marvels are so integral to all life that when we drink mead or wear make-up we are appreciating bees (pg. 25). And we discover the wild wisdoms of nature photographer, Paul Saunders (pg. 58)—who through his travels enjoys many a close encounter!
There is more, but that’s yours to explore…
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