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Inside the Issue: Volume 44

A twinkle, spark, perhaps just a gentle glow—light has the power to illuminate and inspire—from bioluminescence to infrared, light beguiles and benefits our being in numerous ways.

Photographer Radim Schreiber, follows fireflies through forests and fields—seeking their light. Allured into the night by the contrast of dark, when bioluminescent beetles glow and glimmer like dancing lanterns, creating a storybook vision. Radim shares a collection of his favourite images and techniques for working with light on pg. 41.

Photo © Radim Schreiber (see more of his images inside BEJournal Volume 44).

Just as observing light lifts the spirit, exposing our bodies and brain to different wavelengths can enhance our health and performance. Dr. Michael Hamblin and Dr. Lew Lim explore the theraputic applications of photobiomodulation from alpine conditioning to Alzheimers, read their report on pg. 6.

As part of our investigative series into active longevity, we look at the postural practices of Dr. Eric Goodman, who distills his philosophy and foundation for pain-free movement on pg. 11.

Neil McIntyre introduces us to his neighbors, skittish and spirited, red squirrels—his new book a 20 year endeavour, revealing the complex and charming side of these aboral acrobats and their future in Scotland’s forests on pg. 22.

We take an insiders look at WildSpeak, the premier event for conservation storytellers—and search for lost species with photographer Robin Moore, who’s new project integrates abstract art and exploration to shine a spotlight on 25 of the world’s most coveted species on pg. 37.
Every page filled with images telling natures story, unique insights and discoveries—dive in and enjoy the adventure!