Issue 40 Out Now!
In sunset and rustling leaves, lies the creative promise for innovative vision.
Creative explorers combine art and adventure in quest of visual innovation—the latest issue of Bare Essentials Magazine reflects their inspiration.
Each year the aspirations of photographers reaches its apex in competition—every entry, advancing distinctive standards and level of skill. As new technology expands what’s possible, novel techniques and unique talent emerge, unlimited by age or location—only by one’s imagination. Discovering and documenting wildlife need not be a remote assignment, it could be an urban affair. Emphasis on expression both in the subject and in the photographers style form the new definition of creative exploration and the innovative visions that manifest are truly inspiring.
I invite you to immerse yourself in the images that follow, including a collection from a unique stock library (pg. 5) and this years most coveted awards (pg. 11)—breathtaking and pioneering photos to excite the artist within. Learn the art of Light Painting (pg. 39) and Photo Sketching (pg. 61).
Bound for adventure features the latest literary delights for every genre (pg. 77) including a sneak peak of Lonely Planet’s Wild World and The Natural World of Winnie-the-Pooh. We also explore the science of scent (pg. 119) and natural flight (pg. 123), plus much more.
Let this issue inspire adventure for the year ahead!
Enjoy and share with those who care.
Inga Yandell
Chief Editor & Creative Director
Bare Essentials Magazine, Earth Endeavours

Explorer and media producer, passionate about nature, culture and travel. Combining science and conservation with investigative journalism to provide resources and opportunities for creative exploration.