Throughout the month of April 2012 and on Earth Day (April 22), Earth Day Network and along with millions of supporters around the world will be reinvesting in our planet on a global scale. But, to truly conceive of the value these small or supreme ‘green gestures’ will have to your neck-of-the-woods, it’s worth checking out the Global Carbon Footprint Infograph designed by Stanford Kay for Miller McCune and featured on – the world’s largest community for sharing infographics and data visualizations.
The final version of this infograph can be viewed here!
As the saying goes, “a picture can paint a thousands words” and infographs do this beautifully. Helping communicate complex ideas in a clear, compact and eye-catching ways – infographs take deep data and present it in visual shorthand.
The site offers a wide range of visuals covering all manner of topics that can be used as reference in support of open-access education and collaboration. With an impressive list of contributory partners including National Geographic, Mashable and the Wall Street Journal, there is an abundance of resources to choose from.
With the ability to explore, share and create your own data visualizations is the ideal way to communicate vital messages and network ideas.
It is free to join and uses a simple ‘plug and play’ interface that applies the stylistic expertise of the world’s top information designers to your designs. So, you don’t need to be a graphic genius to create an interactive visual that tells a compelling story.
Note: The application for creating infographs is not available just yet, but in the meantime users can create a Twitter Visualizer and signup to be notified when the design features go live.

Inga Yandell
Explorer and media producer, passionate about nature, culture and travel. Combining science and conservation with investigative journalism to provide resources and opportunities for creative exploration.