Nature and wildlife photographer Florian Schulz joins Marc Silber, exploring his creative process and techniques to advance your photography skills.

The video showcases some of Florian’s acclaimed wildlife images with tips and tricks for taking stunning landscape photos. As with all photography, Florian says you need to get to know your subjects—in this case, the natural lighting, landscape, and wildlife of the scene you’re shooting. He loves taking pictures of entire ecosystems at different times of the day and year, immersing himself in the wild. Even though so much is out of your control with nature photography, you can still work with lighting and composition by choosing when to shoot and where to position yourself in a scene.

For over 20 years, Florian Schulz has been following his passion for nature photography. The result of his efforts are not only stunning images and adventurous stories, but entire conservation campaigns. To bring the wild side of our extraordinary planet even closer to his audiences, more recently turning his focus toward nature filmmaking. The films and photographs by Florian Schulz open a window into the natural world, where you can experience moments that few have ever seen.

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