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Overcome Information Overload

Processing copious amounts of information from multiple sources either streaming or static, amounts to mental meltdown―yet in our techno-savvy century this is how the majority of people live. Constantly scanning the social networks, texting mindlessly about mundane and meaningful subjects rarely a distinction highlighted between the two wherein lies the problem. How much do we digest or identify as priorities to develop further?
Learning to command the flow of information traffic is key to achieving high quality outcomes on priority goals, business or other. This understanding is the foundation of series of articles and webinars by leading mindmap software developers TheBrain Technologies.
Think faster. Work Smarter. A motto reflected in the intuitive knowledge-branch reference systems of TheBrain. Creating visual maps to collate and control data allowing the mind to work without clutter in a conscious, productive state rather than perpetually receiving but not really digesting data.
PersonalBrain (free download) can help you organize all your information to match your style of thought and time-frame. This helps you control of the deluge of information, instead of it controlling you.
‘Rise Above the Information Deluge’ webinar covers strategies to master information overload so you can actually leverage relevant information sources and capture your best knowledge. Discussion topics flow tools (twitter and other networks) vs capture tools (PersonalBrain, Evernote), reactive searching vs proactive ‘information architecture’, David Allen ‘Getting Things Done’, Stephen Covey ‘Priority Matrix’.
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