Braving the winter elements to capture stunning, snow-covered landscapes or the ethereal beauty of frost-kissed mornings requires more than just a keen eye and a good camera—it demands proper attire to keep you warm and comfortable. For photographers venturing into frigid temperatures, understanding the art of layering clothing and the benefits of innovative heated apparel like ORORO heated clothing can make all the difference.

Layering is the cornerstone of staying warm in cold environments. The key is to layer your clothing in such a way that it traps heat close to your body while allowing moisture to escape. While traditional layering techniques go a long way, incorporating heated clothing into your wardrobe can provide an extra layer of comfort and warmth.

ORORO, a leader in heated apparel, offers a range of products designed to keep you warm without the bulk of excessive layers. Their heated jackets, vests, and gloves come equipped with carbon fiber heating elements that provide consistent warmth across key areas. Powered by rechargeable batteries, these garments offer adjustable heat settings, allowing you to find the perfect level of warmth for your needs. This technological advancement means you can stay warm longer, maintain dexterity in your hands for camera adjustments, and reduce the risk of hypothermia and frostbite.

By combining the principles of effective layering with the modern convenience of ORORO heated clothing, photographers can focus on capturing the perfect shot without succumbing to the cold. Remember, a well-prepared photographer is a successful one, capable of enduring the harshest conditions to create breathtaking winter imagery.

How to combine layering with ORORO heated apparel

1. Start with a Moisture-Wicking Base Layer

The first step in effective layering is choosing a good base layer. Opt for moisture-wicking fabrics like synthetic materials or merino wool. These materials help to keep sweat away from your skin, which is crucial for maintaining warmth. The base layer should fit snugly but not too tight, allowing for easy movement and breathability. This layer forms the foundation of your outfit, ensuring that you stay dry and comfortable throughout the day.

2. Add an Insulating Mid-Layer

Next, add an insulating mid-layer to trap body heat. This could be a fleece jacket, a down vest, or a synthetic insulated jacket. The purpose of this layer is to retain the warmth generated by your body and the ORORO heated apparel. ORORO’s heated vests and jackets can serve as excellent mid-layers themselves, offering additional warmth with their built-in heating elements. Make sure this layer is breathable to prevent overheating and allow moisture to escape.

3. Finish with a Protective Outer Layer

Finally, top off your outfit with a protective outer layer that shields you from wind, rain, and snow. A good outer shell should be waterproof or water-resistant and windproof, while still being breathable. This layer will protect both your ORORO heated apparel and the inner layers from harsh weather conditions. Look for outerwear with adjustable hoods, cuffs, and hems to seal out the elements effectively.

Tips for Using ORORO Heated Apparel

  • Adjust the Heat Settings: Most ORORO heated apparel comes with adjustable heat settings. Start with a lower setting and increase the heat as needed. This allows you to find the perfect balance between warmth and comfort.
  • Battery Management: Keep an eye on the battery life of your heated apparel. Carry spare batteries if you’ll be outside for extended periods. Ensure batteries are fully charged before heading out, and store them in a warm place when not in use to preserve battery life.
  • Layer Smartly: If you find yourself getting too warm, adjust your layers rather than turning off the heat. Removing an outer layer can help regulate your temperature without sacrificing the benefits of the heated apparel.

By combining effective layering techniques with ORORO heated apparel, you can stay warm, dry, and comfortable no matter how low the temperature drops or how long it takes to get the shot!

ORORO Heated Jacket: Sustainable Warmth and Advanced Heating Technology

As a photographer who can spend countless hours outdoors capturing winter’s beauty, finding the right gear is crucial. The ORORO Colorblock Recycled Fleece Heated Jacket has proven to be an exceptional choice for anyone in need of both warmth and style during long shoots in cold climates.

One of the standout features of this jacket is ORORO’s signature heating technology. The jacket is equipped with built-in carbon fiber heating elements that provide uniform warmth across the core body areas. With three adjustable heat settings, its easy to customize your comfort level depending on the weather conditions. The battery life is impressive, lasting up to 10 hours on the low heat setting, which means you don’t have to worry about running out of warmth during extended outdoor sessions.

From a sustainability perspective, ORORO has integrated REPREVE® into their line of recycled fleece jackets—combining sustainability with innovative technology. REPREVE® is a high-performance fiber made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles. It is renowned for its sustainability and is used by many leading brands to create eco-friendly products. The process of making REPREVE® involves collecting post-consumer plastic bottles, cleaning and chopping them into flake, melting them down, and then reforming them into fibers. These fibers are then spun into yarn, which can be used to make a variety of fabrics and textiles. REPREVE® not only helps reduce waste but also conserves energy and natural resources in the production process.

The collaboration between REPREVE® and ORORO exemplifies a commitment to both environmental responsibility and advanced functionality. Wearers of ORORO’s recycled fleece jackets can enjoy the benefits of high-quality, eco-friendly materials and cutting-edge heating technology, making it a perfect choice for the environmentally conscious consumer who values both comfort and sustainability.

The colorblock design adds a touch of nostaglia whilst its lightweight yet durable construction ensures ease of movement, crucial for photographers adjusting angles or changing lenses. 

As jackets go, this one is a fantastic investment for photographers, offering both warmth and style while promoting sustainable practices.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Feature Details

  • Anti-static lining for enhanced comfort and wearability
  • High collar preventing cold air from entering the jacket
  • A contrast color chest pocket adds a touch of flair to the jacket
  • Four zipper pockets: left & right-hand pockets, 1 chest pocket, and 1 battery pocket

Heating Performance

  • Enjoy efficient warmth with advanced Carbon Fiber Heating Elements. 
  • Four heating zones: Left & Right Hand Pockets, Mid-Back, Collar
  • Three adjustable heating settings (high, medium, low) 
  • Up to 10 working hours (3 hrs on high heating setting, 6 hrs on medium, 10 hrs on low)
  • Heat quickly in seconds with 7.4V Mini 5K battery

Battery Performance

  • 7.4V output to expedite preheating
  • Versatile Type-C port for battery charging and a USB port for other device charging
  • Fully charged in 4 hours (with a 5V/3A charger)
  • UL, CUL, CE, FCC, and RoHS certified for safety and quality assurance
  • Capacity: 4800mAh/7.4V/35.4Wh
  • Weight: 6.53 oz (185 g)

Three Tips for Travel and Use in Extreme Weather

  1. Wearing on the Plane: You can wear your ORORO heated jacket on the plane. It is TSA-friendly, so you can pass through security without any issues. Make sure to keep the lithium batteries in the jacket and wear it during your flight.
  2. Storing in Carry-On Bags: When traveling, remember to keep the ORORO batteries in your carry-on luggage. This is important for safety reasons and to comply with airline regulations.
  3. Operating in Cold Temperatures: The ORORO heated jacket is designed to work well even in temperatures below 32℉/0℃. If you plan to be in extremely cold conditions for an extended period, consider purchasing a spare battery to ensure continuous heat supply.


ORORO is a heated apparel company based in the Midwest, specializing in providing warmth for people of all lifestyles. Founded in 2015, the brand emerged with the vision of creating a jacket that could keep individuals cozy even during the harshest cold spells. ORORO quickly gained a reputation as the leading direct-to-customer heated apparel brand in the United States, boasting over 500,000 satisfied customers and numerous glowing reviews.

The brand’s mission centers around crafting reliable heated outerwear that combines quality, safety, and affordability. Their range includes jackets, vests, fleece, and sweatshirts powered by UL-Certified rechargeable batteries, all backed by a 3-year warranty. ORORO is dedicated to ensuring warmth and comfort for users, enabling them to pursue outdoor activities regardless of the weather. The company’s name, inspired by a weather-controlling superhero, reflects their commitment to empowering customers to take charge of their comfort in any climate.

ORORO invites customers to join them in their mission to defy the limitations of cold weather, encouraging all to embrace outdoor adventures without compromise!

Share your experiences with the brand and be a part of the movement to #challengetheclimate alongside ORORO.

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