Nature is full of rich experiences, the best are shared and last a lifetime.

Time is the most precious and rare of all things we can share—a gift which forges memories that resonate long after. If you have’nt already decided on a gift for Father’s Day (September 1st), why not make it an adventure!

Photo-tours an excellent gift for dad’s who love to explore. Nature seen through the eyes of an expert offers a different view—often a more expansive and enriching one. Their knowledge about animals and environments increases the chance for novel encounters. The experience of learning a craft like photography has other rewards too, like the chance to create a visual memory your dad can share and relive time and time again.

Art Wolfe is one of the worlds most loved and experienced nature photographers, his workshops and tours span the globe—offering the perfect adventure for every dad!

Art will be leading a photo safari back to this location in Botswana in 2020. For details on the African adventure and all upcomming events visit

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