Mobility, Strength and Overall Vitality are desired physical traits to achieve but cultivating the motivation and most efficient methods of attaining such lofty fitness goals, requires innovative and inspirational tactics. Enter P90X2 the next evolution in the highly popular and proficient exercise program by Tony Horton.
Since it first hit the market in 2003, ‘Power 90 Extreme has infused fitness with creative energy and a revolutionary mix of intensity and functionality, balanced by sensible and strategic nutritional goals. 90 Days commitment to a multi-dimensional regime based on muscle confusion that ignites the metabolism is a premiss that appeals to a broad audience. Success Stories range in age and objective with weight-loss and mobility amongst the top two reputed results.
Drawing from popular outdoor pursuits such as rock climbing, skiing, basketball and the advanced training techniques that help develop superior performance and physical fitness P90X2 is a refreshing change from mainstream exercise programs with real world applications.
As is the case with a BLOCKBUSTER of any kind, a sequel is expected, and in the case of P90X, is no different. Beachbody creators, will launch the highly anticipated P90X2 in December but are currently offering special bonuses for pre-orders.
Similar to those “must-have” electronics such as iPad’s or iPhone’s that hundreds of thousands put in an early order for, Beachbody is embracing its legions of P90X followers by offering exclusive P90X2 pre-order launch perks that include GUARANTEED delivery by the holidays, free shipping on all pre-orders, and a multitude of prizes, including the grand prize – Celebrity trainer Tony Horton personally delivering P90X2.
P90X2 can be viewed as the “Master’s Program” for P90X disciples who’ve graduated the original program and are ready to take their fitness to the next level. To secure your copy and a chance to win a one-on-one with Tony (aka: modern day Jack LaLane) and start living ‘Life in the Fit Lane’ pre-order now!

Inga Yandell
Explorer and media producer, passionate about nature, culture and travel. Combining science and conservation with investigative journalism to provide resources and opportunities for creative exploration.