BEJournal proudly presents a short workshop on writing about nature with award-winning children’s author Michelle Worthington. This video provides the author’s favourite prompts and books for creating a narrative inspired by the natural world. Included is a downloadable guide and competition for an original short story based on a conservation theme or showcasing a conservation group.

To spark your imagination checkout our list of conservation foundations below, visit their sites to draw inspiration for your story.

Submission Guidelines

  • Word count: 500-1200.
  • Purpose: stories must highlight a conservation group or wildlife cause.
  • Entrants: all are welcome, diversity is a key ingredient to a great story.
  • Deadline: 12th November 2020
  • Guidance: Michelle Worthington is available for questions and can provide feedback on your drafts.
  • Format: submit final copy as a word doc or PDF here.