Infants as young as 12 months are having dental work done as a result of severe decay from constant exposure to sugary fluids. Doctors account for the increase in of tooth decay to bottle feeding where babies are inappropriately feed a constant supply of sugar – often going to bed with their bottles.
Substances like juice, milk, formula, or any other liquid sweetened with fermentable carbohydrates allow bacteria causing decay to grow. Avoid thickening vitamin syrups with honey or other sugar syrup to ensure long feeding, as not only is the sugar harmful honey needs to be avoided in the first year of life. It has been associated with cases of infantile botulism, spores have also been detected in commercial corn syrups.
It is not just a Breast vs Bottle battle the former being ‘best’ although bottle feeding has raised other concerns about BPA and its negative effects on health.
Baby Bottle Tooth Decay or BBTD is a very devastating type of tooth decay for the young patients, their parents, and the pediatric dentist. The typical treatment is water fluoridation or other methods of fluoride application but the safety and value of fluoride is also a matter of contention.
Many commercial juices add fluoride potentially as a means of combating decay but unlike carefully monitored dosages these drinks have been found to possess toxic levels of the substance.
A study to be presented at the March 17, 2011, annual meeting of the International Association for Dental Research in San Diego reveals that infant fruit juices of all types contain toxic fluoride, and many contain levels that far exceed federal guidelines.
Infants and children that drink such juices are also exposed to high levels of fluoride in drinking water, food products, toothpaste, and various other sources, which is triggering dental fluorosis, hormone disruption, thyroid problems, brain degradation, and other illnesses. Consequently, many experts are urging an immediate end to artificial fluoridation.
When combined with exposure from all the other sources, young children are ingesting untold levels of fluoride on a regular basis.
“Water fluoride, along with fluoride-containing pesticide residues, is contaminating the food supply and harming our children,” says attorney Paul Beeber, president of the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation.
“Clearly, artificial fluoridation must stop completely. Fluoride is neither a nutrient nor required for healthy teeth. Studies show fluoride ingestion doesn’t reduce tooth decay.”
A recent study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives found that fluoride destroys brain tissue and lowers IQ levels in children, even when administered at or below recommended levels.
In addition to this study, and the 23 other IQ studies, there have been over 100 animal studies linking fluoride to brain damage all the IQ and animal brain studies are listed in Appendix in The Case Against Fluoride available online.
To learn more about the dangers of fluoride, visit Fluoride Action Network
Source: Fluoride Action Network

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