Go on Safari and chances are you will encounter some hungry predators using stealth manoeuvres to survey the savannah as internet thieves might scan a server. And in a modern world where daily business is conducted online those who navigate the web must be on guard to secure their assets. A few choice applications to make tracking difficult can help keep scammers and scavengers of a surfers scent!
Go on Safari with….
LinkThing by Canisbos – a safari extension that gives you more browsing control by expanding your options for opening links. Revealing a links address is particularly useful for detecting a phishers ploy of hidden or misleading links designed to lure you in. LinkThing’s management options also give you the choice to have all links open as a new tab rather than a window freeing-up screen space!
Tiptoe by Zenopolis – removes crumbs from the trail so crooks can’t follow your footsteps. The first privacy application to bring a “private browsing” like feature to all sorts of applications. Tiptoe lets you chat, view images and movies, edit documents and more with the confidence that a trail of your actions won’t be stored. If you need it to, Tiptoe can clean up your old trails.
Washing Machine by Intego – works in a similar manner to tiptoe but in addition to leaving no trace of your presence it cleans-up cookies and caches stored on your computer that if hacked compromise your passwords and other sensitive data. Besides presenting a threat to security, unnecessary stored data slows your system down – something a good clean will easily resolve.
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