Pets make a popular present at Christmas time, but instead of purchasing one from the store why not foster a furry companion for a soldier?
Volunteers and foster home caregivers of Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet (GASP) are assisting US soldiers by locating/placing their beloved pets into loving and safe homes across the country. The organization‟s ultimate goal is to ensure that military service members are reunited with their pets upon returning home to the United States.
“Our military service members sacrifice so much for our country,” said Linda Spurlin-Dominik, Co-Founder/CEO of Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet. “Through our programs, it is our hope that we can help cut down on the anxiety and uncertainty of deployment and, at the same time, say „thank you‟ for their service and sacrifice.”
“Though the majority of those deploying will have family members or friends to care for these beloved pets GASP will be there to assist those who don’t,” said Sally White, National President. “We believe having their pet there when they return from oversees is an important part of reintegration and healing.”
Celebrate Christmas by opening your heart and home to reassure military service members that their pets are being cared for in a safe environment while they are overseas. For more information on providing a foster home, becoming a volunteer, or making a donation, please visit Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet

Inga Yandell
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