Swop your Space Age habits for Stone Age Style!flintstones-inspired-wedding
Mission- Take a trip back to ‘Bedrock’ where life is simple, social and best of all sustainable.
Objective- Cut Consumption ‘Stone Age Style’ using the following creative, conservative caveman methods:
Jetson Habit: Digital Entertainment
Flinstone Alternative: Big Sky Viewing
Square eyes vs Sunrise, seems like a no brainer but convincing die-hard digital devotees to forgo blue-ray for blue sky can be a challenge. Let the caveman convince these wired watchers that cloud surfing can be just as cool as channel surfing and give the following outdoor options a go…
Midnight BBQ
Steak under the stars unite the sounds of sizzle with the scenes of nature to satisfy and stimulate the senses.
Cloud/Celebrity Spotting
Set-up a stakeout under the sky with snacks and a comfy seat then see how many celebrities you can meet.
Jetsons Habit: Formulated Fitness
Flinstone Alternative: Primal Play
Flintstones-2Get out of the gym and find yourself a tree limb, it’s free and requires no electricity just human powered intensity. Cavemen conditioned their bodies and sharpened their skills using spontaneous sprints and power drills. Go Primal and try out these Stone Age Strategies…
Full Body Fitness
Make use of every muscle when you move by prioritising practical performance or exercises that mimic human function and engage the body as a whole.
Examples: Squats, Lunges, Pull-ups, Push-ups, Rows, Deadlifts, Planks and Presses.
Short and Sweaty
Sprint like a Saber Tooth is on your tail, exploding from a static position into a power sprint quickens reflexes and achieves maximum efficiency in brief bouts allowing the body time to adequately recover.
Jetsons Habit: Grab and Go Groceries
Flinstone Alternative: Grow and Gather Greens
Munching on a menu of ready meals and processed produce is not very primal, planet friendly or physically beneficial. Instead do like Fred Flinstone that is and eat foods from the earth to help the environment.
Good Grub has had no rub
The apple that sparkles and squeaks is suspect indeed for nothing natural comes polished to perfection. Buying fresh foods from big chain supermarkets where uniform shapes are preferred over seasonal sometimes strange looking fruits and veg maybe convenient but the consequences that come from doing so might make you reconsider. For food thats full of flavour, free of pesticides or polishes and provides farmers with funds shun the super and shop with the little local green grocers.
State of Plate
How did your dinner make it to your plate?
Has it traveled for miles and had many food lifts as part of a meal makeover?

The less steps your supper has suffered the more satisfying and sustainable it will be. Choose raw ingredients over pre-made mixes and meddled with meals that have additives or have been altered in any way. Like some models these foods come with excess packaging to make them look pretty, a high travel expense and can at times lack substance.

Inga Yandell
Explorer and media producer, passionate about nature, culture and travel. Combining science and conservation with investigative journalism to provide resources and opportunities for creative exploration.