This month’s mission is about cultivating homegrown happiness through a weed and sow, nurture and grow, logic on life!
Take for example the Dervaes family who since the early 80’s have been slowly transforming their ordinary city lot into a self sufficient urban homestead.
Watch the following video a tribute to the Victory Gardens of yesteryear, and use the resources below to grow your own garden of groceries transforming your backyard into a bounty.

The Backyard Homestead is more than a read it’s a resource filled with easy, convenient, productive pointers on growing a little, a lot, or even ALL the food you and your family eat each day!
The Backyard Homestead is an encyclopedia of planning charts, growing guides, and expert tips on raising flavourful, productive plants creating a garden grocery of fresh veggies, sweet fruits, aromatic herbs, and crunchy nuts.
Screen shot 2010-01-27 at 12.25.14 PMThe book also includes expert secrets and proven techniques for making the most of the space you have, showing you how to grow fresh food from even the tiniest outdoor area.
Grab a copy of this great tasting guide to gardening and before long you will be enjoying homegrown harvests from the bounty in your backyard!
Screen shot 2010-01-27 at 4.50.11 PM
The Space For Nature Wildlife Gardening Forum is website for people interested in the wildlife in their gardens and for gardeners who want to actively encourage wildlife.
The philosophy and perspective promoted through the site is that gardens are an increasingly valuable habitat for wildlife, and that they are uniquely positioned, as accessible natural spaces, to influence our behaviour and attitudes towards the wider environment.
Screen shot 2010-01-27 at 4.50.43 PMA cornucopia of content this forum offers features on everything from garden design to how you can encourage biodiversity in your backyard.
Discover the soul satisfying side of spending time tiling soil and sowing seeds a therapeutic bonus to having your own backyard bounty!
Fitness from the ground-up: connecting to nature as you burn off the calories makes gardening a good choice for outdoor enthusiasts not crazy about going to the gym.
Another benefit of embracing an evergreen eden is the physical effort required to maintain your garden of groceries. Passing the time playing with potting mix is a fitness activity the whole family can enjoy.
Click here learn how gardening keeps more than just your plants in shape!
Gardening is an investment in well-being from the healthy foods you will harvest, the elevated awareness and appreciation for wildlife you’ll experience to the positive physical effects that are worth their weight in produce!

Inga Yandell
Explorer and media producer, passionate about nature, culture and travel. Combining science and conservation with investigative journalism to provide resources and opportunities for creative exploration.