c998828867b945f6.previewReclaim your Energy and Enthusiasm with a Re-boost to your System!
Several months into a New Year when stress mounts and motivation wanes, routine can creep in and rob you of the inspiration to reinvent yourself. But rather than resign your fate to a subpar state, why not try re-boosting your system?
Repetition and poor nutrition can wear down your energy reserve, leaving you physically and mentally exhausted. To fight this fatigue and loss of enthusiasm the mission this month involves an integrative approach of simple supplementation and mental stimulation to replenishing your reserve.
Mission: Re-boost your System with Supplementation and Brain Breaks!
Objective: Enhance immune and digestive function whilst engaging the mind in activities which invigorate and inspire you.
How to Re-boost your System
Not unlike a computer which processes and filters copious amounts of data everyday, our body must defend against unseen bugs and bacteria. Without adequate security to act as a firewall against hackers, bugs and viruses your hard drive maybe compromised and the same can be said when the immune system is not operating optimally we become susceptible to illness.
Step one is to de-bug your system: Vitaklenz is a blend of 12 active herbal ingredients traditionally used in Asia, Europe, America & India to help the body eliminate unhealthy organisms, and to support a healthy digestive system.
a36c6e041d4be7624dafda0e49be9990-0c3f1d78a4bd955aa55b467122f42d0dThe formula for this herbal treatment was carefully designed by Dr Bernard Barber, one of the world’s foremost parasite experts in consultation with leading health supplement provider Genesis to maximize the anti-parasitic and anti-yeast properties of each of the herbal ingredients. An extra layer of help has also been included to assist the body to rid toxins that build up from the parasite die-off.
This places Vitaklenz in a unique position – the powerful double action of hitting both parasites and candida yeast hard, but with liver stimulants present to help cope with any unpleasant side-effects of the cleanse.
Step two install supportive software: Once you’ve eliminated any parasites placing extra stress on your system, it’s time to install ‘supportive software’ which will provide security against future invasions. This equates to supplementation which nourishes healthy bacteria and strengthens your natural defence system.
Vitaklenz Recharge is a powerful probiotic naturally cultured through a traditional process. Containing 19 fermented superfoods and 15 beneficial strains of bacteria. Easily assimilated your body will immediately start to metabolize the nutrients in Vitaklenz Recharge.
No bacterial agents are introduced during manufacture – all beneficial bacteria are cultivated within the powder through natural fermentation – just as nature intended!
As a concentrated food powder, you can take it in a variety of ways- sprinkled over cereal, mixed into water or juice, baked into home-made bread or added to your favorite fruit smoothie drink, Vitaklenz Recharge is easy to take.
Just one teaspoon per day is all you need to nourish your system with millions of viable, living beneficial bacteria. Of course you can take more if you like, with many regular users finding success with 3 or 4 times that amount. Vitaklenz Recharge may be taken on an ongoing basis to supplement your nutritional intake, boost your body’s defences against infection and balance your digestive system.
Step three re-boost your system: With new software installed it’s time to relaunch your computer and enjoy the benefits of a ‘bug-free’ system which include improved efficiency and faster processing time. Our body responds to the benefits of supportive nutrition in the same way finally able to utilise energy otherwise depreciated by poor health and digestive function.
Now, revitalised by good health the best way to maintain your motivation is with brain breaks especially from mentally challenging or repetitive tasks. Setting aside as little as a few minutes everyday dedicated to activities which stimulate your senses and encourage creativity will balance stress and boost inspiration!
The Ten Minute Holiday: Try making a list of express escapes such as- sitting down to hot chocolate and a good book, playing frisbee with a friend, going for a walk in the park, getting a massage or picking-up a paint brush.
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