Inspired to create for conservation, people around the world are using their passion to power preservation. With a spirit for adventure and the desire to explore, embrace and express earth’s beauty they resonate a powerful message of respect and urgency to protect natures endangered treasures.
Coinciding with the release of Bare Essentials twentieth issue and ‘Expedition Special’, this month the mission celebrates creative conservation initiatives including artist adventures and expeditions of noble quest.
Mission: Use your Passion to Creatively Campaign for Conservation.
Objective: Raise awareness and funds for a cause that inspires you.
Modus Operandi: Draw inspiration from the creative conservation campaigns of photographers, painters, authors, athletes and those compelled by curiosity and motivated by a cause.
Your Inspiration…
The following individuals combine adventure with conservation submerging themselves in foreign cultures and discovering first-hand the challenges facing people and wildlife the around the world. Each with a particular talent and all with a passion for preservation—their goal to make a difference.
Florian Schulz is a conservationist, speaker and author best known for his visual conservation projects Freedom to Roam Y2Y and B2B. Florian and his partner Emil Herrera-Schulz transfix audiences around the world with powerful visions of the wild. Through public exhibit and presentations, Florian relates the importance of wildlife corridors and the vital but fragile existence of ecosystems. Learn more at
Nick Garbutt is an award-winning wildlife photographer and author who has a passionate concern for biodiversity and the fragile environment we inhabit. While his background is in zoology, he realised early in his academic career that it was too constraining and he subsequently found the avenues of photography and popular natural history writing provided the freedom he wanted to indulge in and express his interests in the natural world. Sharing experience and knowledge through books, presentations, photography and photo tours.
Pollyanna Pickering and daughter Anna-Louise relate a love of animals via different mediums. Pollyanna is an acclaimed wildlife artist with paintings of exceptional authenticity whilst her daughter Anna-Louise an accomplished photographer documents the duo’s fantastic expeditions. Both are devoted to conservation and through the Pollyanna Pickering Foundation raise funds and awareness for wildlife. Traveling the globe to remote locations in search of threatened species for which their work including books, fine art and collectables helps promote and preserve.
Harry Kikstra is a climber/expedition leader/ photographer/ filmmaker/ producer/ writer/ public speaker/ cycler and many other things that have to do with sharing the beauty of the outdoors. He has climbed the 7 continental highpoints and currently is cycling from Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina relating his journeys through words and vision. His expeditions of noble quest are all embarked upon with intent to learn from and leave behind a positive influence on the people and places he visits. You can support his work by buying prints or cards of his exquisite photos many of which have been received awards and been published in the likes of National Geographic. Harry’s Illumination HQ project provides solar-powered lights to villages in place of kerosene lamps an expensive proposition for the people and the planet.
Your Support…
Invigorated with the above inspiration, connect with your own passion and cause. If you share a love wildlife then visit Wildlife Warriors an Initiative which supports creative conservation and promotes ‘People Powering Preservation’. Offering resources and media exposure for personal challenges and events which raise funds and awareness for wildlife.

Inga Yandell
Explorer and media producer, passionate about nature, culture and travel. Combining science and conservation with investigative journalism to provide resources and opportunities for creative exploration.