As the world braces for an Android Invasion APPLE releases iPad2.
Steve Jobs recently presented the next revolution in tablet technology unveiling iPad2 clearly demonstrating APPLE’s formidable formula remains the unrivalled benchmark for innovation.
The iPad 2 is actually thinner than the iPhone 4. It now sports a camera, and it is almost twice as fast as the first iPad. Currently the sequel is slated for release in Australia late March. The company dominates and thereby defines the tablet market and the features attest to this.
iPad2 Features
Surf at super speed with a dual-core A5chip, everything loads quicker (up to 9 times), lasts longer (10 hours battery life) and works better.
Two HD cameras designed for FaceTime video calling. Positioned front and back they work together so you can talk to your favourite people and see them smile and laugh back at you.
At 9.7 inches the bigger display perfectly projects high-resolution photos, movies, web pages, books and more. Plus the LED backlighting makes everything you see remarkably crisp, vivid and bright.
iOS 4 is the operating system for iPad (along with iPhone and iPod touch). It is the platform on which more than 65,000 other amazing apps have been created for iPad. It’s highly secure, stable and responsive and it’s made to work seamlessly with the iPad hardware. iOS 4 is the reason no other device has yet come close to iPad.
Instant On allows you to tap into APPLE’s quick fire flash storage technology, which makes waking the sleeping iPad a cinch.
AirPlay, AirPrint, Video Mirroring, Gyro and Compass, plus WiFi and 3G make iPad2 the tablet to beat in 2011. Undoubtedly this wont stop Google from giving it a go or others for that matter which should make for an interesting market of media devices.
Accessories to match
To accompany the sleek new iPad APPLE have designed the Smart Cover, slim yet sturdy screen protection that folds in all the right places. The cover’s cleaver design can hold your iPad upright or tilt it into a comfortable typing position. In your hands the Smart Cover will flip back and out of the way like a page in a magazine and if you want to shoot some HD video on the fly, simply fold the cover in half to expose the back-facing camera.

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