The greatest influence on the success of conservation is the rally of public support acquired through awareness.
To strengthen the connections of land and wildlife Vital Ground have been working with landowners and governments to ensure freedom to roam for the noble grizzly and other creatures who share his earth. For their work and target lands to flourish widespread acknowledgement is key, in this we can all help…
Vital Ground has recently applied for and been accepted into the National Geographic Global Action Atlas online giving program. They applied under our Cabinet-Purcell Wildlife Linkage Initiative in order to raise awareness and funds for their work (two new land acquisition projects) in the international boundary area of northwestern Montana and British Columbia.
Here is a link to Vital Ground’s page on the Global Action Atlas
The Action Atlas is an opportunity for Vital Ground to leverage National Geographic’s global brand and reach to market our wildlife habitat/linkage protection work; expose their work and brand to thousands of new people around the world; attract new donors, volunteers, and advocates to support their projects; create and publish engaging project profiles using the latest media technologies; and show their projects in the context of others in their focus areas.
This initial trial on the Global Action Atlas expires at 11:59 p.m. EST on Wednesday, December 22, 2010.
Unless…. through the web link provided above they can raise at least $4,000 from 50 or more donors by the deadline, we will then be given a permanent presence on the Global Action Atlas, which will help to strengthen our outreach globally on the World Wide Web; allow us to update the page with new projects and activities; and increase our visibility to potential new donors.
As you’re considering your own year-end gift to Vital Ground, they would like to encourage you to make you donation through the Global Action Atlas link, and to share the link with others you correspond with via email and social networks. If you want to use a shorter URL than the one above for Twitter, SMS, or Facebook you can use:
This is an excellent opportunity for Vital Ground one you can be a part of by helping them secure a permanent place on the Atlas and reach their December 22nd goal!
Contact Kiffin at: with any questions.

Inga Yandell
Explorer and media producer, passionate about nature, culture and travel. Combining science and conservation with investigative journalism to provide resources and opportunities for creative exploration.