codeteaser_48imgFLead-ZOWhat does your Canada look like?
By uploading photos and text to Canada CODE, you’ll be part of our country’s largest-ever digital scrapbook and collaborative art project. The results of your contributions, remixed, will be shown across Vancouver on large public screens during the 2010 Winter Games.
This digital mash-up needs you. So show us what you’re made of by uploading short stories and photos about your daily life, family, friends and neighbourhood.
Once you’ve joined, you can remix and respond to Challenges from well-known Canadians.
Take the Canada CODE Challenge….
Trade inspirational words and photos with high-profile Canadians. Each week you will be presented with a thought-provoking question, encouraging you to build on your Canada CODE.
A portrait is only ever a snapshot in time, and Canada’s picture is always changing. As the 2010 Winter Games unfold, Canada CODE offers a personal perspective into the country and its people that everyone can enjoy, regardless of whether they are actually at the Games.
If you’d like to be a part of the Olympic experience, be sure to click through to the Virtual Stadium where you can upload your photo as part of the Closing Ceremony celebrations.
Where to Start?
The National Film Board of Canada made a series of short films to help inspire Canadians to tell their stories with Canada CODE’s remix application.
To inspire Canada CODE contributors to connect and create, filmmaker Scott Smith presented the first storyteller he interviewed (Mina Shum, in Vancouver) with photographs he had taken. She chose one, imagined the story behind it and then took a series of photographs of her own.
Smith next travelled across the country to Montreal and presented Shum’s photographs to Denys Arcand, who in turn chose an image and came up with a story. The same process continued until a collection of short how to videos were created as an online tutorial for CODE contributors.
You can watch the NFB Tips as a single film called Where do I start? or as two-minute clips of each individual storyteller. Click the far-right icon in the video player menu to watch in full-screen mode.

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